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70 - 100% profit in Kids Email Fundraiser Cards
  • Earn 70-100% Profit!
  • No Up-Front Cost
  • Unlimited Use for 12 Months!
  • No Excess Inventory - Order only what you need!
  • FREE Shipping*

The Kids Email Fundraiser Card is a unique fundraising card in that it gives your customers access to a service that protects their children while they're on the internet. They get kid-safe email for their entire family while your group earns between 70-100% profit! is an easy card to sell because it offers real value to those who purchase one. These cards are the future of fundraising because they are so easy to sell. WHY? Since 90% of households have the internet at home, it is relevant to almost every one of your buyers. Also, these cards can be sold to anyone, ANYWHERE!  That's right; anywhere!  Since the service is offered online, your group can sell cards to family and friends all over the country! 

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How The Kids Email Fundraiser Card Works Call For A Sample Savings Card

1. Set a goal, determine how many cards your group will need to sell to meet your goal. You can use our profit calculator below to help determine how many cards your group will need to sell.

2. Request a fundraising packet.

3. Sell cards to family, friends, and community members for only $10 per card

4. Cards are valid for activation for 12 months from the date of the packet order and can be used for 12 months from the date the cardholder activates it.

5. Collect Order Forms from your group. You will then contact Kids Email Staff who will quickly ship the amount of cards you have sold.

The Highest Profit Fundraising Card, Guaranteed!

70 - 100 Percent Profit with KidsEmail Fundraising Card Unlike selling candy, cookie dough and other typical fundraising products, the Kids Email Fundraiser Card allows your group to easily earn 70%-100% profit.

Simply sell the fundraising cards from and give them to your supporters. Each fundraising card costs your group only $3 and sells for $10! You earn $7 for every card sold!

Check out our Profit Calculator to see how much money your group could potentially make:

Calculate My Profit Participants:       Cards sold per participant:       =      $ Profit!
Cards Ordered Cost Per Card Free Cards Your Total Profit Profit Margin

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I wanted to write you a quick letter to share my experience doing a fundraiser with  I sold a card to a co-worker, who purchased it to support my daughter and her school club.

A couple of weeks after he purchased the card he gave me a call and said that he registered his kids to have their own safe email and his kids loved it! He told me that the card was great and was best fund raising item he had ever purchased.   I never had tried out Kids Email, so I decided to purchase one myself for my kids. My friend was right! This is an amazing product.

It's nice not to have to buy a food card (that I never use) or junk that I'll end up throwing away. I didn't have to feel embarassed selling this fundraising item to my neighbors!

Thanks again!

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Katie Christensen  | Morris, NY